User Onboarding

This page describes how you onboard your existing user.
The User Onboarding process describes all that is needed to successfully onboard your users onto the Finswich platform so they can start leveraging our plugin right away


The checkout is initiated with the public key and the users reference .
On initializing the checkout, the merchant passes his public key and his user's reference.
First, we try to get the user from our end, and if we cant get the user (meaning it’s a first timer) we call the merchant's get user endpoint with the user's reference.
Once user detail is retrieved it is checked for missing and required fields. The country of a user is the only required field while the other fields firstname, lastname, email, phonenumber are not required.
If any of the non-required field is missing the checkout generates a dynamic onboarding form that allows the end-user to fill in those details by themselves
Once, the user has filled in his/her details they are successfully onboarded on the finswich network and an email is dispatched to the merchant to the notify them that a new user has been onboarded on their Finswich account.
On onboarding the user can start enjoying the finswich services subscribed to by their merchant. By default, all Finswich merchant are subscribed to Interwallet services, and Bank Transfers.